The Learners Video Player!

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  • Open Source!
    GPLv3, no hidden costs. You can even modify the source code to fit your needs if you want to..
  • Cross-platform.
    Tested on Linux and Windows. Should work with many other systems too
  • Play most video formats mpg, avi, mp4, flv...
    sdvplayer make use of libraries from FFmpeg project for demuxing and decoding media files. Hence works with large number of formats supported by these libraries out of the box.
  • Supports subrip(.srt) and Microdvd subtitle
  • Auto detects matching subtitle files
  • Lookup dictionary on cliking word(in the subtitle) whether player is on pause or not
  • Built in dictionary lookup module. Supports stardict dictionaries
  • Can use custome dictionary lookup command
  • Saves word and the context you looked up to text file so that you can revise them.