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Currently (as of version 0.15.0) built in dictionary parser supports only stardict dictionary format(.ifo/.dict./.idx/.syn). Advanced users can also use external command line tools for looking up dictionary

How to setup dictionaries for use with sdvplayer


Extract the filename.tar.gz dictionary using unarchieving tool to any of the following directories.
  • XDG_DATA_HOME/sdvplayer/dict/stardict/. Usually $HOME/.local/share/sdvplayer/dict/stardict
  • sdvplayer/dict/stardict subdirectory of any of the XDG_DATA_DIRS
  • /usr/share/stardict/dic


Extract the filename.tar.gz dictionary using suitable unarchieving tool (e.g: 7zip)to any of the following folders.
  • Installation folder\dictionary
  • My documents\sdvplayer\dict\stardict

Download dictionaries

No dictionaries are currently available

Where to find more dictionaries?

Several websites host dictionary data files in stardict dictionary format. When downloading dictionaries for use with sdvplayer note that only english alphabets are supported (as of version 0.15.0).

  • This site hosts several dictionaries (Both bilingual and eng-eng) converted to stardict format
  • Check out the stardict home page at sourceforge
  • xdxf is a project working on xml base dictionary interchange format. Checkout their download page

Where is my favorite dictionary ?

There are several tools available for converting other dictionaries to stardict format. Just google and you may find some thing to convert your favorite dictionary to stardict format.