The Learners Video Player!

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  1. What is sdvplayer ?
    sdvplayer is a video player featuring built in dictionary look up for the subtitle words. You just need to click on a word in the subtitle to lookup it's meaning. sdvplayer enables you learn foreign language with fun, particularly helpful in improving vocabulary.
  2. How to lookup a word I seen in subtitle for its meaning?
    Just click on it instantaneously (before it is gone). Of course you can pause playing and click.
  3. Which languages are currently supported
    I have tested it verymuch with english. Currently it supports only ascii charectors. It should work with any language which can be represented using ascii alphabets only
  4. How can I Install it ?
    Go to the download page to get source and/or binaries. If binary installers/packages are available for your platform/OS installation is very simple. Othervice you can build it from source. Check the INSTAL file come with the source for information on building sdvplayer from source. Visit Software-Building-HOWTO at for general information on building (any) software from source.
  5. How to get support ?
    Check out support page. Still don't get answer to your problem? submit a support request to forum.